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Pleated Cartridges

The Filter Factory Pleated Polyester cartridges are made of a durable non-woven polyester fabric.  This media is compatible with many chemicals, which makes these cartridges a good choice for light industrial applications.  The synthetic construction makes The Filter Factory pleated polyester cartridge well suited for well water applications since the media is resistant to attack by bacteria.

The durable media combined with the vinyl plastisol ends make a rugged trouble-free cartridge.  The high porosity of this media allows for high flow rates, high dirt holding capacity and low pressure drops.


Polyester non woven



End caps

Vinyl Plastisol

Std. micron ratings

1, 5, 10, 25, 50

Std. lengths

4 7/8”, 9 3/4”, 20”

Std. diameters

2 5/8”, 4 1/2”


Pleated Bags

The Filter Factory PE Bag Cartridge offers an alternative to traditional fabric bag filters.  These cartridges are designed to fit in standard # 1 and #2 bag filter baskets. 

Using deep pleated filter media, The Filter Factory Pleated Bag Cartridge has up to 38 sq feet of media in the # 1 size and up to 75 square feet of media in the # 2 size.  The media is available in micron ranges from 1 to 200 micron.  The molded polypropylene sealing ring is designed to give a positive fit in most bag baskets. 

With the high amount of surface, wide variety of micron ratings available and inside out flow; this Pleated Bag Cartridge should solve many filtration applications.

Available Media: 
Polyester Felt
Polypropylene Felt
Polyester Nonwoven
Polypropylene Nonwoven
Sorbent Polypropylene
Micro Fiber Polypropylene
Glass Fiber

Typical applications include filtration of: 
Process Water
Cooling Towers