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The Filter Factory
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FIlter Factory

String Wound Filters   Liquid Bag Filters

The Filter Factory String Wound cartridges represent the state-of-the-art in wound filter technology, which is the result of continual improvements of our products. The Filter Factory String Wound cartridge is the highest quality filter cartridge on the market today.

  The Filter Factory is one of the leading manufacturers of micron rated filter bags. With a wide range of media, rings and sizes, The Filter Factory has the bag for your job. In addition to all the standard sizes, custom bags are available.
Activated Carbon Filters   Fuji Metal Filters
The Filter Factory manufactures two different types of activated carbon filter cartridges. The FCC cartridge is constructed with multiple layers of carbon batting covered with a layer of polyester spun-bonded filter media. The FGC is a true granular carbon cartridge.   The Filter Factory and Fuji Filter Manufacturing have combined efforts to provide sintered metal filter elements for industry. The Cartridges are manufactured in Japan and sold through The Filter Factory distributors.
Pleated Cartridges   Oil Absorbing Filters
The Filter Factory pleated polyester cartridges are made of a durable non-woven polyester fabric. The media is compatible with many chemicals, which makes them a good choice for light industrial applications. The synthetic construction makes them ideal for water applications since they are resistant to attack by bacteria.   The Filter Factory OA Poly Bags and Cartridges are designed to capture large amounts of contaminates from a process stream. The unique multi-layered polypropylene media combined with advanced construction techniques makes this the ideal filter bag where high dirt loads are present.